As soon as your card is charged we pay designers a share. As all downloads are digital and there are no physical goods, we don’t offer any refunds. You are however free to cancel at any time.


    The user use our Resource for KDPs and Commercial purposes, for as long as the subscription remains active. In case of cancellation, the user will not be able to keep selling products featuring this Resource, but is still able to use this Resource for other purposes. To keep using this Resource for kdp purposes, the user need to keep your subscription active.

Our cancellation policy is very simple. Here it comes: You can cancel at any time whenever you want. Once you cancel your billing will stop immediately (we won’t charge you again). You will receive a confirmation mail stating that your subscription will be cancelled and at what date. Cancellation is easy, but before you do, was it something we said or did? We are always looking to improve our offer and service. If you are unhappy you can always contact us at contact@kdptemplete.com and we will do everything in our power to make it right.


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